China Xpress

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Our award-winning mainland China to UK and Intra-Asia service

Our direct sailings includes a line of dedicated vessels.

Our container shipping service offers a fast and direct route from/to China to the UK and Rotterdam with additional import services from China to Bangladesh. It also opens up new route opportunities for shippers and was the first direct service of its kind to link China direct to Liverpool (UK).

Our service has a circa 33-day transit time (8 day to Chittagong) and the vessels are mostly feeder size. This offers multiple benefits to shippers as it can significantly reduce the chance of port delays, as there are no multi-port callings, and will ship directly into the heart of the UK market. We also offer a guarantee that once space is booked, the cargo will be shipped.

Approx. 33-day transit time

Direct calls from China to Liverpool UK & Rotterdam

Weekly exports to China with fast shipping time for all container types and breakbulk

Specialist equipment immediately available including 20', 40’ & HC containers